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6’ x4’

My figure paintings usually start out as a drawing. But the drawing is very fluid. I don’t wait for the red ground to dry. And I draw with a brush heavily loaded with thin paint. This allows the drawing to blend with the red ground making it easy to vary the sharpness of the line.

Then I use a rag to smear and remove paint to create highlights. I suppose this would be called painting as opposed to drawing. These distinctions are somewhat arbitrary.

It’s very plastic. I can move the figure very easily. And create the feeling very quickly. If I don’t like something it is very easy to change it. I just wipe it off with a rag and slap on more red paint. Then draw over it again. It happens quickly.


“Charity and Purchase” 
Various media
There is a body of my work that a friend calls “mythic figurative.”    I’ve always liked that moniker.   It seems right.  This body of my work is not central but runs almost constantly in the background in my sketches.  I don’t sketch everyday, but nearly so.  And then, every so often, I do a bunch of paintings inspired by these explorations.  
Recently my sketches look like I am thinking a lot about the relationship between charity and profit or the difference between charity and purchase.    Here are a bunch of photographs of my sketch book done in late July early August during my trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.  When I return to Seattle I intend to explore these ideas in paint.  

“Tattoo Drawing”
Tattoo ink on skin
6” x4”

This is no ordinary tattoo and no ordinary leg. It is my son’s leg. And the design is a faithful reproduction of a drawing of mine he found in his Mother’s house. The drawing was inspired by his birth shortly after he was born. And his mother kept it on display all these years. Now it’s on Sam’s leg until he passes.

What makes this even more special for me as his Father is that he had the tattoo done without telling me and at a time when our relationship was strained in the usual ways due to the bumpy transition from childhood to adulthood. And the tattoo artist he chose is a very dear friend of mine that he knows I highly respect as an individual and artist.

Eva is a young Chinese woman from China where for most of my life tattoos were strictly forbidden and especially for women. On top of that, Eva is an incredibly talented and authentic artist. I have had the pleasure of having her friendship and her companionship for many years and look forward to making lots of art together for many years. Ironically neither of us have a tattoo.