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“George Floyd”
Oil/panel painting, red curtain, chain, ladder, flower petals
12’ x 8’ x 4’

The painting stands alone. And you can see that in my figurative painting section of this website. Subsection 2020

But I had always envisioned this piece being inside a cabinet that is made of stainless steel. The high polish would function like a mirror. So when you approached the piece you would see yourself. Then when you opened it you would see the painting and yourself in a blurry way on either side. But making that cabinet would be very expensive. So I did this instead.

This is an installation. The arrangement of the pieces take up space and ideally amplify the impact of the artistic intention. For me, it worked at first. But after a few days I wanted to see the painting again without the other trappings.

Then I photographed the piece. When I saw the photograph with the black rectangles on either side I realized I had something closer to my original vision of the painting in the stainless steel cabinet. When I do make that cabinet I will paint the sides a high gloss shiny black so that you will see yourself in the sheen but the painting will be flanked by the stark majestic black, both funerary and grand.

George Floyd